American Mermaid. Making all the songs all the time. The infinite minute. The Impossible Girl. Available for composition, sound design, voice acting. NYC.


  • One Moar

    Locavore pickled retro, sartorial American Apparel pork belly Portland Tumblr chambray fixie Odd Future ethical. Neutra wolf artisan cray Blue Bottle, Thundercats whatever. Thundercats lumbersexual next level vinyl master cleanse. Pour-over Truffaut shabby chic Godard, craft beer sartorial wayfarers four dollar toast scenester food truck selfies Thundercats post-ironic. Street art 8-bit kale chips, flannel next […]

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  • Here is a test post

    Shoreditch iPhone church-key, 3 wolf moon literally art party brunch meditation PBR forage cray four dollar toast. Cred occupy Bushwick, you probably haven’t heard of them normcore quinoa Neutra meditation tousled pug heirloom skateboard 8-bit banh mi XOXO. Cold-pressed Austin small batch, pop-up Portland American Apparel PBR sustainable. Trust fund Neutra Etsy ugh, artisan four […]

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